17 MARCH 2018


This is a wedding that was incredibly dear to our Director, Yvonne’s heart. She tells the story like this:

“I remember sitting on the couch with Renée, early October 2017, watching a re-run of the VMAs when she let it slip that she got engaged on the down low. I don’t remember what my exact words were, but I’m pretty sure I screamed, and was filled with excitement and joy, for I already had a glimpse of how great of a man Aaron was and is, and how wonderful they were, and are together. 

There was nothing that was going to stand in the way of me making their wedding video; something I dreamed of doing for Renée, even before she met the love of her life. 

Fast forward to today; one the most special pieces of art Revera Studio has ever created.”

This is the wedding story of two incredible artists, with the kindest souls. Here, a perfect bride representing beauty that is so reflective of the heart that gown wraps around, and a groom so handsome, so chuffed, and so articulate in the way he expresses his love for the one he was made for. Everything about this wedding was unique and carefully curated - from the location, to the dress, to the music, to the food - all woven together in love by those around them.

You can read and see more of their story in the Together Journal which features the incredible work of Misi Chan Photography.