06 MAY 2017


There’s something so special about small weddings in sentimental spaces. Aside from the fact that this wedding marked the first ever wedding to be photographed by Revera Studio, reflecting on the joyous celebration of love with such a magnificent backdrop on this day, makes our hearts sing.

This wedding was delightfully unconventional and full of sweet moments. Mikki and Denny are a relaxed people with incredible senses of humour… and happen to be our good friends. With a bridal party consisting of the two best partners in crime - each other, they strolled over from the bride’s family home just around the corner to this private clifftop property in Rothesay Bay for their wedding. With close friends, family members and a Canadian family co-officiating their wedding as guests of honour, we were truly grateful to be invited to such a significant celebration.

P.S. Can we highlight Mikki's dress for second? Classic. Gorgeous. Elegant. Stunning. I'm sure it was just as beautiful when her mother wore it on her wedding day.