The story of Revera Studio began with a passion for telling stories and capturing moments. Revera is latin for ‘in reality & in truth’ - two words that frame and shape how we live our lives, and what we stand for. They also represent our capture style so well. We like real moments and events. We like to be a fly on the wall and to tell the narrative of your day just as it happened.

As Revera rose in 2017 with the story we created below, we've decided that for now, weddings are our passion. We don't want to diverge from the most exciting celebration of people's lives just yet! So, this is what we will be focusing on, and what we will be building our creations upon in 2018 & 2019. However, don't let that deter you from where we came from - check out a visual telling of the beginning below.


Who are we?

We're a team of creators who are passionate about story-telling and beauty. When you invite us to capture your moments, you could have any combination of us, but rest assured, our style is consistent, and each shooter is just as good as the next! 

We don't usually like to fuss about who we are, because we'd rather shine the light on the people and moments, but if we must...

Our team is led by Yvonne (@vonton), our director and lead videographer. She's got experience in psychology and event management, so you can count on some at least above-average social skills, and a natural tendency to be organised. Her days often begin in the double digits, and sometimes end when the sun rises. Somewhere in between, she finds time for lots of catch ups with people over food and drinks, editing crazy love stories, pretending to go to the gym, and trying to make some pleasant sounds on a guitar. You're likely to meet and chat to her if you make contact with us!

Isabel (@isubels) is our low-key wizard. All those images you see around here are birthed from her beautiful brain. She's our lead photographer, and also second shoots video. She continues to blow our team away (and our clients!) with her creations. She experiments and exponentially grows in creative genius each day. We all genuinely think she has no clue of the talent she beholds. What a beauty! If you have the honour of her shooting your wedding, you will be ever so delighted. She's kind, relaxed, and a good amount of awkward; which inevitably makes you laugh and look great. 

Samuel (@muel___) is much of the glue that holds Revera together. His skills span across videography, photography, editing and administration… you name it, he’ll do it. And he’ll have a smile on his face too! He’s our in-house studio intern, running around delivering our clients’ beautiful photos and videos, innovating, creating, and keeping everything else in order on the ground - we couldn’t function without him! He also shoots at most of our weddings, either leading in photography and/or videography, or second shooting. His value is all-round, particularly in his careful eye for beauty and colour. He’s ever-so kind, calm and loves a good laugh. If you ever have the honour of meeting him, he’ll make you feel comfortable, (after you’ve moved past a potential first impression of 'little-bit-awkward-in-a-cute-way’) like you’ve been friends forever.


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